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The DIRECT ACTION CIRCLE- an open circle of “risk and protection” with Players (actors) who are working to become more expressive, more spontaneous, and more emotionally available.  We emphasize three areas: relaxation, concentration and emotional experience.  The objective is to quiet the nerves, clear the mind, activate the instincts, and to discover the cathartic effects of emotional discovery.  No prior acting experience necessary. 


One four hour session per week for 8 Weeks:

Fee: $500 Some scholarships available

The DIRECT ACTION WORKSHOP/FEATURE FILM: three four hour sessions of Direct Action exercises in the “circle of risk and protection” including backstory improvs to create characters, invent relationships, and establish the rich discords necessary for dynamic drama.  The production consists of improvisations built around scene outlines and player objectives enhanced by discoveries “in action”.  The final film is re-discovered in a rigorous course of editing.  The production schedule is based on the availability of players, ideally spread over a 1- 2 month period.


One four hour session of Direct Action exercises per week for 3 weeks.  Production of a feature film in the following 1 ½ months.  No prior acting experience necessary Fee: $1500- Some scholarships available.

The FEATURED PLAYERS WORKSHOP: an opportunity for a more focused experience in Direct Action and to play one of 4-6 leading roles in a full length dramatic film created around the characteristics, skills and life experiences of the participants.  Four hours a week for four weeks of Direct Action exercises in the circle, will be followed by a production designed to fit the schedules of the participants.


Individually scheduled workshop and production sessions over a period of 2-3 months leading to a high quality feature film designed for festival and other media distribution.


Fee: No prior acting experience necessary- $5000 per person



*Note: Although we are located in San Francisco we have created feature films with workshops in Japan, Jordan, South Africa, Italy and have done workshops in Seoul: South Korea, New Dehli: India, Yerevan: Armenia, with Life Time Achievement Awards from places as diverse as Moscow, Varna: Bulgaria, Valencia: Spain, Fargo: North Dakota, Kansas City: Missouri, St. Louis: Missouri, Mill Valley, Syracuse: New York, Ripon: Wisconsin, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland along with festival and commercial screenings in London, Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, Tokyo (which included an art show of Nilsson paintings) Hong Kong, Toronto, etc.


With the support of local organizations and individuals we would like to offer our workshop programs to interested groups throughout the world.

Contact Rob at if you are interested.

Cinema doesn’t interest me much unless I feel that pull of the ordinary, that thrill of real behavior leading, I hope, to those cathartic moments which seem to be the point of it all.

~ R. Nilsson

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