Lilith Series
For the last decade I’ve been working on a series of paintings, sculptures and light boxes inspired by the mythological figure of Lilith. In Hebrew, Sumerian and Babylonian folk lore she is an exotic force of nature. Seducer of men or consumer of children, she is terrifying to settlers and inspiration to seekers. Dangerous and undeniable. Here are electric paintings and sculpture in her name. For purchase or commission contact
Lilith in Air (off)
Lilith in Air (on)
Sky Lilith (SOLD)
Night Lilith (SOLD)


America favors inner sterility and outer violence.  This leaves the people weak because they lack valued experience of the mythic, mystic, sensual, passionate, obstinate, cruel, decadent.  They can mount an army which kills thousands of enemies, but they can't believe their own animal impulses.  Suffering is the fundamental human dilemma.  Relief is found by looking directly into its eyes.   ~ R. Nilsson

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