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  • Rob Nilsson

Theories of Science and War

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Demagogue with Sunglasses

My painting to the left is called "Demagogue with Sunglasses".

Scientists used Einstein’s theories to send space ships into the universe. They now move billions of miles away from us, sending back pictures, measurements, and other data. The theory worked. If it hadn’t it would have been junked. That’s how science works.

On the human level, in theory, everybody opposes war. The most ferocious demagogue claims he has no choice when he attacks. Humans continue to use warfare, or the threat of it, as first, last and middle resorts to solve problems. Not too strong on making idealistic concepts real, we’re still fighting it out, all over the world. Or preparing to. Is it working?

Where do the Arts come in? Bulwarks against lies, greed and hypocrisy. Visions of “the way things seem to be.” Freedom of speech, freedom to create and have our say. That’s all we have to oppose the ridiculous theories of a demagogue who shuts down the government on a whim. Who routinely threatens war. Science would have junked him by now unless heedless bullying and war ARE the answers. What do we do about it?

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