Cinema doesn’t interest me much unless I feel that pull of the ordinary, that thrill of real behavior leading, I hope, to those cathartic moments which seem to be the point of it all.

~ R. Nilsson



Saturday, October 12, 9:00 pm

Mill Valley Film Festival

Rafael Film Center 

1118 4th St., San Rafael

Sandy, the ever helpful Mother Teresa of 2nd St., suffers from seizures and lives in her car with her nephew, Rail, who came up on a motorcycle from home turf in San Diego, looking for his father in a place called Arid Cut. But nobody knows where it is. His girlfriend, Mitra, is on his trail, determined to help him see what they have together, and convinced he needs her on his mission. Lucille is the Charon of this River Styx. She drives Uber and lives with her mother in a van. Kali, a working girl, is stationed on the tracks with her ineffectual pimp, Oscar. Herbie, who looks like a USC Freshman, sells meth out of Pinto’s RV in order to keep his homeless brother in school. Ziggy, Travis, and Taylor remodel homes which are suddenly being razed under Eminent Domain. The race track is being torn down and a cordon sanitaire of condos going up around the neighborhood. There’s no more West to escape to.



NEW FILM PROJECT: I'm currently working on the "NOMAD TRILOGY".  This project focuses on the homeless and houseless, and their desire to find a better place and a better way to live. We are in post-production on the first movie in the series, "Arid Cut", and we're starting production on the second film in the series, "Center Divide".  
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