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NEW FILM PROJECT: I'm currently working on the "NOMAD TRILOGY".  This project focuses on the homeless and houseless, and their desire to find a better place and a better way to live. We're starting production on the third film in the series, "Faultline".  
Check out my new blog post, "Theories of Science and War", here.
Learn more about my Direct Action Workshops and how you can learn and work with me. Contact me at for more info. More workshop information here.
Rob's acclaimed 10-disc set of 9@NIGHT series is now available on dvd. Includes a documentary on the making of the series. Other dvd's as well as Rob's books are also now available. Contact
Whatever you think about today’s art scene it’s not easy to survive creating things. But this web site is an attempt to do just that. This is a gallery set up the for sale of my paintings, films, and poetry and a site where you can read about what I'm working on, what I’ve done, and why. I think it can be important to you. I passionately believe in the work I’ve done with literally hundreds of friends and collaborators over the years. If you buy you’ll be supporting our efforts. I think we’re ahead of our times, and at the same time rooted in the Masters of the past. 

Cinema doesn’t interest me much unless I feel that pull of the ordinary, that thrill of real behavior leading, I hope, to those cathartic moments which seem to be the point of it all.

~ R. Nilsson

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